Words Can Change the World, I Think

Words Can Change the World, I Think

Words can change the world . . . or a small piece of it.

Or so I believe.

However, in a writer’s discussion not long ago, someone asked: what are some examples as proof of that?

I’ve been thinking about that ever since. Writing is so often meant to carry our thoughts and words far beyond us, to places where we won’t always see their effect.

Well, here’s something. A little fable. Not proof of anything, since it’s fictional.

It’s a link to a beautiful 5-minute film.
I’d call it “The Blind Man’s Sign” – a short film about the power of language.

Click here to watch:
Historia de un letrero (A short original film, with subtitles)
written & directed by Alonso Alvarez Barreda

And let’s keep thinking about that question:
As writers, can we make a real difference in the world with our words?

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