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Greetings! I’m Philip Martin, director of Great Lakes Literary.
I provide a range of services for book authors looking for a professional path forward – in today's fast-changing, competitive publishing environment. I'd love to help you write your best, get published, and find your audiences. I'm an award-winning book editor (see About page). I also create and host websites for writers. If you'd like to explore ways I can help you, send me a note via the Contact page with more about your project, goals, and what you might like help with.

Workshops & Talks

Classes and Presentations for Writers and Readers, ideal for Writer Conferences, Libraries, Book Festivals, etc.

From Hobbits to Harry Potter

From Hobbits to Harry Potter – Writing Great Fantasy Fiction In recent years, books by J.K. Rowling, J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S....
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Storytelling Techniques

Storytelling Techniques for Writers If you are trying to get published, stronger stories means better results. Too often, writers overlook...
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Developing a Sense of Place

What do great stories do? They take you to another place! Indeed, the role of place is often as important...
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