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Websites for Authors

The Basic $400 Author’s Website

Would you benefit from an attractive, professional website?

Great Lakes Literary now develops & hosts websites for emerging authors. The service includes basic editing and help with content development, for a modest price of $425.

Your website will include 5-7 core pages, including a blog page (for your news and updates). First-year hosting is also included.


Why Do You Need a Website?

I’ve long agreed with book-trade marketing consultants that writers need their own professional website – separate from their publisher’s sites and separate from Facebook or other social-media platforms.

Emerging authors need an attractive, functional, professional platform for a long-term, flexible online presence that will present your author’s “brand” in the way that YOU want to have it presented.

It need not be complicated. It does need to be professional.

A quality website is important for self-published authors, as well as for any author seeking a literary agent or a traditional publisher. You need to show professionals in the field that you can present yourself well. A good-looking website is a crucial vehicle that agents, editors, reviewers, and buyers will use to learn more about you and your literary works.

Your author’s website will be be the central hub of your web presence, the place to develop the most appealing image of you as a professional writer.


The Obstacle

The obstacle for most writers: a lack of money, time, and technical experience to build a clean, purposeful website.

You want something that’s flexible. You need to avoid creating a website that is cluttered, confusing, or lacking in core features.

I also believe that simplicity is a good goal. Too many websites try to achieve too much. Your writing is your main pursuit; your website is a calling card to convince visitors that they want to read more of your writing.


My Advantage

I have extensive knowledge of the book industry, with several decades of experience helping emerging writers of fiction and nonfiction.

As an editor, I know how to make things clear. I’ll help you develop an effective online voice.

As a book-marketing consultant, I know techniques of branding, product launches, and short- and long-term marketing strategies.

If you’re interested in a website, send me a note via the Contact Me page.