D’Mok Revival: Awakening – A Novel by Michael Zummo

D’Mok Revival: Awakening – A Novel by Michael Zummo

D'Mok Revival: Awakening, by Michael Zummo

Congratulations to Milwaukee novelist Michael Zummo, who self-published his science-fiction novel, D’Mok Revival: Awakening, in Fall 2013.

As a reader on Amazon said: “It has all elements of a great sci-fi saga: epic span of multiple locations in the universe, creative locations and creatures, the mysterious evil threat, interesting well-developed characters, and of course suspense and action.”

He’s also done an impressive job with the cover and website, a place where a lot of authors fall short when tackling self-publishing. If everyone did as good a job as Michael has done, self-publishing would have a far better reputation! The D’mok novel (the first installment in a promised series) is a great example of setting the bar high and delivering a great package and good read.

I was involved as a freelance editor on the project. All projects should be so enjoyable! Too many emerging writers, especially in speculative fiction, get mired in plot twists and gimmicks. Zummo’s work is strong in character development; he puts together a cast of engaging, likable, quirky characters that we quickly come to care about, and so we want to see things so well for them. This is at the heart of good storytelling, especially in genre fiction categories like science fiction, fantasy, mysteries, etc.

I met Michael at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Spring Writers Conference in 2012 where I was presenting (on storytelling) and doing manuscript critiques.

Glad to see one of the manuscripts I was about to work with turn out well. Here’s to a great blast-off of a classic space saga . . . with best hopes for success across the literary universe!

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