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Now, let’s look at how to create good content on your website: posts that readers will want to read and share with others. There’s a clear set of reasons why you should maintain a blog. 1) You’re a writer. You have the skill to write engaging content. 2) Writing engaging content can impress key people: editors & agents if you’re pitching a manuscript; readers and reviewers if you’re promoting a book. 3) Your own website is the only place you control fully, over time, where you can present your ideas, yourself, and your literary products to the fullest. The challenge is to do this well and in a way that it won’t be a sinkhole of time and creative energy.Read More →

hobbit home

Creating Your Website: Your Home on the Web. The place to start your social-media strategy is on your website. This will be your home, your nexus. Bilbo Baggins had his hole in the ground in Hobbiton on Bagshot Row called Bag End. You have your website. No matter how far you roam, off to the far-off kingdoms of Facebook or Twitter, your website is the place you’ll return to after venturing There, and Back Again. It’s where you’ll hang your coat and store your dishes and relax in your comfy chair and smoke your pipe. It’s the place you control. You can have as manyRead More →

Not long ago, a writer emailed me to ask how to pick a good domain name for her author website. “Unfortunately,” she wrote, “my name is already taken and is actually hard to spell anyway.” She wanted advice. Good question! The question inspired me to look around at what some successful book authors were using for their website domain names. What is a Domain Name? To start, a domain name is the URL: www.ThisIsMySite.com; it goes in the browser address, and it’s what Google, Bing, etc. uses to send someone specifically to your site. (Currently, you don’t always need to include the www. part; itRead More →

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