How To Write Your Best Story

How To Write Your Best Story

How To Write Your Best Story, by Philip Martin
How To Write Your Best Story:
Advice for Writers on Spinning an Enchanting Tale

by Philip Martin

Crickhollow Books • June 2011
Writing / Reference / Instructional Guides
$14.95 • softcover

“An inspiring, captivating gem of book on the storyteller’s art. I loved it.”
– Douglas Clegg, author of Neverland, Isis, Afterlife, and other acclaimed & bestselling novels

“What he succeeds in doing, admirably, is not only describing some of the elements of good storytelling, but describing them in such a way as to model good storytelling in the very act of explaining it. In short, this book is wonderfully readable.”
– Moira Allen,

Beginning writers often wonder what it takes to get published. This book looks at what really makes fiction work: good storytelling!

Unfortunately, storytelling skills, despite their immense value to all writers, are seldom emphasized in writing courses.

How To Write Your Best Story focuses on three key elements that fuel the magic of story: intriguing eccentricity, delightful details, and satisfying surprises.

The storytelling techniques are time-tested and used by the best authors, including winners of the Nobel Prize, the Pulitzer, and National Book Award, as well as by commercially successful authors whose books appear on bestseller lists.

This guide draws on the author’s decades of experience in the book trade, studying what really works for emerging writers and editing many books of advice on literary craft and career development.

The practical tips, techniques, and examples of best practices here draw on the work of great storytellers – from Shakespeare, Dickens, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Mark Twain to Willa Cather, E.B. White, and James Thurber to Neil Gaiman, Ivan Doig, and Patrick Rothfuss.

How To Write Your Best Story will help you understand how to craft better fiction (or narrative nonfiction) and get your best work published.

Philip Martin is an experienced editor of many books of advice for authors. Previously acquisitions editor for The Writer Books, he has also written A Guide to Fantasy Literature and award-winning books on traditional culture. He lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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