Ah, The Poisoned Cupcake! – Cook the Books (Mystery Release)

Ah, The Poisoned Cupcake! – Cook the Books (Mystery Release)

Fancy a bit of poisoned bakery?

Cook the Books, cozy mystery

I’ve just finished editing and publishing (via Crickhollow Books, as a Crispin imprint edition) the paperback and Kindle versions of Cook the Books, by Oklahoma mystery writer Marion Moore Hill.

Marion is a member of Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, and Oklahoma Writers’ Federation, Inc. I didn’t meet her when I spoke a year ago at OWFI, but she somehow heard of Crickhollow and reached out to us about picking up her Scrappy Librarian Mystery series.

So I’m publishing #3, Cook the Books, and will also re-release books #1 and #2 (Bookmarked for Murder and Death Books a Return, respectively) later in July.

I designed the cover for Cook the Books, by the way. Cozy mysteries are always a fun project, and offer good platforms for cover design. They should have a visual appeal that is both . . . well, cozy . . . and a bit threatening. (I personally see a frosting-covered cupcake as just that, even without the possibility of poison.)

The novel’s story involves intrepid public-librarian Juanita Wills, who works in the small town of Wyndham, Oklahoma. The plot-line involves an adult-literacy education theme, which I feel is a worthwhile topic to present. (The author has been an instructor of adult literacy students, so she knows the field well).

For more on the book, visit the Crickhollow title page for Cook the Books.

Re-releasing the first books in the series will be an interesting marketing project. The good news is that we’re got a good blurb for Book #3, from a fellow Oklahoman author who is a Grand Master of the Mystery Writers of America: “An appealing, tough-minded librarian looks beyond the obvious suspect . . . mixes mystery, humor, and literary nuggets. First rate and fun.” – Carolyn Hart, acclaimed Oklahoma author of 49 novels.

A great blurb! It’s a perfect fulcrum to leverage more reviews and attention. So our hopes are – well, for an indie-press project – good!

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