The New Writer’s Handbook 2007

The New Writer’s Handbook 2007

The New Writer's Handbook 2007
The New Writer

What people are saying about The New Writer’s Handbook 2007:
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“. . . from the preface by Erica Jong to the closing piece by Mary Pipher, it surprises and satisfies.”
– Library Journal (Starred Review)

“. . . a holistic approach in reaching out to new writers, nurturing their careers on both the creative and business side. . . . real-world, how-to advice, as well as inspiration and encouragement for when the going gets tough.
– Amy Brozio-Andrews, in Absolute Write Newsletter

“Expertly compiled . . . a compendium of 60 practical, insightful, informed and informative articles. . . . A critically important and strongly recommended addition to personal, professional, academic, and community library reference collections. . . .”
Midwest Book Review

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