Profile: Young Writers’ Camp (Greenville, South Carolina)

Profile: Young Writers’ Camp (Greenville, South Carolina)

Young Writers’ Camp
University Center, Greenville, South Carolina
For students who have just completed grades 4–7 “and enjoy writing”

This is a two-week writing camp for creative young writers.
Apply by March 31 for the summer (mid-June) camp.

(For more programs around the country, visit the Resources/Links Page on the I Love To Write website.)

Young Writers’ Camp (part of Upstate Writing Project, overseen by Clemson University) is a good program for young writers in the upstate region of South Carolina. The camp is directed by Kelly Tracy. Below is her description of the camp’s programs. For more, visit the Young Writers’ Camp website!

Best of all . . . much of the cost of the camp is subsidized; the cost for the 2008 camp was just $75! Wow! Scholarships are available.


1. Do you have to go to school in Greenville County to attend?
No, any student from the upstate region of South Carolina (from public, private, or home schools) is welcome to apply,

2. What can I do at your young writers’ camp?
Our camp runs for 2 weeks each summer and is for rising 5th–8th graders. During the session: You’ll take a trip to downtown Greenville for a writing marathon to get ideas flowing and get to know your fellow writers. You’ll meet published writers to hear about their writing process (and how they got published). You’ll work in a small group with a mentor who is a writing teacher (with extensive training). You’ll get ideas of writing techniques through unique read-alouds. And you’ll create a webpage to publish your work on. Most importantly, you’ll have lots of time to write in a community of writers who also love to write!

3. What does it cost?
The cost varies from year-to-year (depending on our grant from the National Writing Project and how many students we accept), but generally it’s just around $75. It’s a steal!

4. How do I find out more about the programs?
You can go to our website ( or email me at

5. As director of the camp . . . How/why did you get inspired to do this?
It grew out of my work with the Upstate Writing Project. Honestly, I know it can be tough to be a middle-schooler who loves to write. It helps to know that there are other kids out there just like you who love to write . . . and adults who believe in the importance of writing (but who aren’t going to tell you what you have to write). I’ve met some amazing kids through this work, and I know how much it means to each one of you to be encouraged to continue writing. To use a cliché, this camp is a labor of love!

6. What in a nutshell does your program do for young writers?
We give you tons of different opportunities to interact with a variety of other writers, both young and older, as you craft your writing. The criteria that we look at most critically when selecting students to come to our camp is evidence of a love of writing. You don’t necessarily have to be the best writer to be selected (although you could be!), but you do need to be highly interested in writing.  This is a place for kids to be surrounded by all sorts of different people with one major thing in common—they love writing.  This offers young writers a chance to really be supported in their work!

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