Profile: Red Oak Young Writers (Milwaukee workshops, summer camp, and more!)

Profile: Red Oak Young Writers (Milwaukee workshops, summer camp, and more!)

Red Oak Young Writers
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
For writers in grades 4–12
What is available: Writing Circles, Summer Daycamp for Writers (week-long), some online materials (writing prompts, free e-newsletter)

(For more programs around the country, visit the Resources/Links Page on the I Love To Write website.)

Red Oak is a good writing program for young writers in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, area. (It’s a spin-off from a center for adult writers called Redbird.) Red Oak is directed by Kim Suhr. Below is her description of Red Oak programs. For more, visit the Red Oak Young Writers website!


1. If I’m a young writer who doesn’t live near Milwaukee, can I find any Red Oak materials online to help me in my writing?

Yes. Our website ( has story prompts (click here) created by other young writers just like you. You can also sign up for our occasional e-newsletter with fun writing exercises, info about writing contests, and a place to read about other young writers’ successes. It’s great inspiration to be a member of our young writing community . . . even if it is only “virtually.”

2. If I live near Milwaukee, what can I do at Red Oak?

Through the school year, Red Oak offers Writers’ Circles for grades 4–12. You bring copies of your fiction, nonfiction, or poetry to share with other young writers. The others in the group provide concrete support and feedback to help your writing grow, and motivate you to keep at it! (This gives you a deadline to write for, a chance to read and discuss your work . . . all good things!)

In summer, you can participate in a week-long Creative Writing Camp. This offers fun and useful writing experiences, plus the chance to write with other enthusiastic young writers and top-notch writing coaches. Campers come back year after year because they love the writing activities and friends they make here.

(Also, Red Oak staff offers homeschool workshops, writers’ circles, school visits for enrichment days, and teacher workshops. Parents/teachers: Click here for info.)

3. What do Red Oak programs cost?

Writers’ Circles cost $65 for four sessions (each session is a 2-hour meeting).

Creative Writing Camp costs $325 for a week-long (Mon.–Fri.) summer day camp.

4. How do I find out more about the programs?

Please visit our website (, or call 262-901-5171 for more information.

5. As director of Red Oak . . . how did you get inspired to do this?

I have always loved to write. But when I was younger, I wasn’t encouraged to take this desire seriously. I didn’t know anyone else like me who loved to write! And I had no idea how to get better at it all by myself.

At Red Oak, young people see that they’re not alone in their passion for writing. Just like being a member of a hockey team or a marching band . . . our young writers get to pursue what they love with others just like them. When I see the generosity and insight our young writers give to each other’s work, I am inspired to continue to offer this safe and nurturing place for young people to explore their writing!

6. What in a nutshell is Red Oak all about?

Red Oak provides young writers with the time, space, support, and community they need to nurture their passion for writing.

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  1. Red Oak is a wonderful camp. I attended my last year of Writer’s Camp this past summer (I’ve attended since the summer before ninth grade), and it’s really been a great experience. I have a hard time fitting into most places, but at Red Oak, I’m around people like me. I’ve made many friends, and I stay in touch with some of them throughout the school year.

    Red Oak has really helped my writing, and I really wish I could go back next year.

    Love all you high school Red Oakians reading this and I can’t wait to see you all again at next year’s reading!


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