Nonprofit services

Nonprofit Services

I’ve worked for many years in the nonprofit sector, doing everything from marketing to financial management to program start-up and administration. I can manage your website, develop a practical marketing plan, or supervise publishing projects, large or small. I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but can easily meet and work remotely.

Below are some details on standard packages.

For custom work, my base rate is $35/hour, or $25/hour for medium- to long-term projects.

Website Management or Development (for WordPress-driven sites)

$35/hour for short-term projects; $25/hour for longer projects
Your website is a crucial outreach and marketing tool. Chances are it is not fully optimized to deliver best results, by virtue of a well-designed plan for the structure and content of the home page, additional main pages, sub-pages, blog posts, and events. I can help you develop a better-performing site, based on best practices.

I can also do ongoing maintenance and content updates.

Marketing Plans

These are concise, focused marketing plans that deliver an achievable roadmap for immediate steps to take, followed by up to 12 months of marketing activities, strategically designed to make your marketing more effective.

The process consists of three phases: collection of information (past practices, known needs, audiences to target, etc.), design of a concise plan, and discussion of the plan and how to implement it.

The $300 plan involves about 3 hours for each stage. This is very brief, but I know that many nonprofit organizations just need a little support to move from a vague sense of marketing activities to a more thoughtful, team-based, strategic approach. You fill out a questionnaire and I ask follow-up questions, I create a coordinated set of plan activities (generally 1- to 2-pages; concise is helpful to practical organizational efforts), and we discuss. I also provide training materials for activities that you may lack the expertise to tackle without instructions.

Additional support is available as needed.

Other Support Services

$35/hour for short-term projects; $25/hour for longer projects
I also offer other support for nonprofit needs, from basic bookkeeping (I have a degree in accounting) to publication assistance (my main professional focus, as you can tell from this Great Lakes Literary website).

In all cases, my goal is to help you take key steps forward or cover core needs better, without ringing up large consulting fees. I’m a practical, Midwestern professional with a strong desire to help worthy nonprofits do better at doing good.

To discuss any of these options or special projects, reach out to me on my Contact page and just describe briefly the kind of organizational needs you have. We’ll arrange a time to discuss further!