A Guide to Fantasy Literature, by Philip Martin

A Guide to Fantasy Literature

A Guide to Fantasy Literature is a wide-ranging look at the magic of fantasy storytelling and why it delights and enchants readers of all ages. The book discusses the nature of the best writing, from tales of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Narnia to other diverse examples of classic high fantasy, dark fantasy, fairy-tale, magic realism, and adventure-fantasy tales.

Interesting, learned and accessible thoughts on all aspects of fantasy fiction . . .  A Guide to Fantasy Literature is a very good book. Anyone with a strong interest in fantasy literature will come away from Martin’s guide knowing more than what they arrived with.”
January Magazine

The book examines the major building blocks of fantasy fiction, and discusses its purpose and popularity today. Includes material from interviews and samples of outstanding passages from the writings of the best fantasists, drawing an inclusive picture of a vibrant literary community across the ages.

Praise for the original 2002 edition (A Writer’s Guide to Fantasy Literature):

“A genuinely valuable book, intelligently assembled and edited.”
— Peter S. Beagle, World Fantasy Award winner

“Rich with insights, thorough and knowledgeable, it’s the best and most reliable guide to a multi-faceted subject. At heart, it’s a work of deep love and understanding of a powerful literary genre.”
— Lloyd Alexander, Newbery Award winner

A Guide to Fantasy Literature, by Philip Martin

A Guide to Fantasy Literature:
Thoughts on Stories of Wonder & Enchantment
by Philip Martin
Crickhollow Books  •   2009
Trade Softcover • 148 pages • 6″ x 9″
Literary Studies / Fantasy
$16.95 softcover  •  ISBN-13: 978-1-933987-04-0
$4.99 eBook
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