ForeWord Magazine Announces Indie-Press Book Award Finalists

ForeWord Magazine Announces Indie-Press Book Award Finalists

Quick Note: ForeWord Magazine has announced the 2008 finalists in their Book of the Year Awards contest, an annual recognition program for the best of indie-press books.

Hey, March is Small Press Month! I know you’re all out celebrating wildly. Here in Milwaukee, the festivities reach their crescendo on March 17 (which just happens to be St. Patrick’s Day). Lots of drinking and carousing, all to celebrate indie presses. Or something.

Anyhow, the ForeWord awards is a discriminating program, IMHO (disclaimer: I’m a past winner for The New Writer’s Handbook), and it’s worth checking out most of these small but diligent small houses.

It also interesting to note that in the self-publishing arena, iUniverse had a lion’s share of 2008 finalists for this contest, many more than counterparts Author House, Xlibris, BookSense, Outskirts Press, and such.

Without knowing the relative numbers of books published by each of those, to me it suggests something a little bit better about iUniverse.

I do know a little about one of those books, The Cielo, by Paul Salsini, a Milwaukee author and longtime journalism teacher at Marquette University, as summed up by this blurb:

“A moving debut novel of a luscious country too often forgotten when we consider the ravages of the ‘Good War.'”
– Jacquelyn Mitchard, author of The Deep End of the Ocean

Great blurb, for a novel self-published through iUniverse.

I’ll post more advice in the next days on self-publishing and working with small independent presses, but I wanted to give a salute to those BOTYA finalists.

May the literary road rise to meet you!
May the winds of public praise always be at your back . . .
The sun of great awards warm upon your fields . . .
The rains of many book sales fall soft upon your fields . . .

Slàinte! Let’s all hoist a pint to the finalists. Good work!

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