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Editorial Services

My editorial services offer detailed guidance to prepare your work for publication. Your writing needs to draw the reader in from the first lines, provide engaging entertainment and/or valuable information throughout, and, by the end of the work, deliver on your promise to share a unique story worthy of the reader’s time and attention. The reality is that most emerging writers need help to achieve the necessary quality. My editorial experience provides that help, ranging from brief overview reports to full book-doctor services.


Diagnostic Manuscript Assessment (Overview Report)

This report offers specific suggestions to improve your manuscript to make it more appealing to agents, publishers, and readers. From your full manuscript, I’ll provide a 3-page report of top-level suggestions. Usually this will highlight 2–3 main issues to address, with any number of minor points to help improve the work.

Detailed Manuscript Analysis (Chapter by Chapter)

I’ll review your manuscript and offer a written summary of suggestions by chapter. Length is usually 1/3- to 1/2-page per chapter. The report will highlight strengths, weaknesses, specific ideas for editorial improvements, and ways to enhance marketability of the work.

Full Editorial / Book Doctor Services

$4–6 per page
Basic fee is based on a 250-word standard-format page. For this, I’ll go over your complete manuscript (no initial drafts, please) in detail to provide detailed suggestions for editorial excellence and marketability.

Fiction: Focus is on ways to increase tension, stakes, and pay-offs; to address problems of pacing and structure; to hone scene-craft (details of place, character, dialogue, action, etc.); and to build satisfying characters, plot lines, and story development.

Nonfiction: Focus is on issues of clarity, sequencing, what to develop further (or cut) to deliver the information in the most interesting way, and overall reader appeal and good storytelling within your nonfiction structure.

Book Project Management

I’ll look at how to prepare your project for publication and help you select and implement the best path to publication (whether that is self-publishing, seeking indie-press options, or conducting traditional pitches to literary agents or major publishers).

Support for Self-Publishing

In particular, if you are considering self-publishing avenues, I can help you make key decisions and select the best options for your project. There are many beginner mistakes often made with worthy manuscripts that see self-publication; these are as often easily avoided with just a little consulting help. I’d love to help you avoid those!

Let’s discuss your project; no charge for initial discussion.

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