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As a book editor for several decades, I’d like to explain the three main rounds of book editing. Round 1: Developmental Editing. This is the stage where an editor helps an author shape a book. There are many issues to address in the developmental round, and they are different for each author and each manuscript. For a work as long as a book, an author often and easily loses perspective or awareness of major issues. Why? First, each author is not equally skilled and balanced in all aspects of writing a book; we all have our strengths and weaknesses. Second, given the length and significance of a book, most authors work on it over a long period of time, doing a good number of revisions on most of it. It’s easy to lose perspective.Read More →

Fancy a bit of poisoned bakery? I’ve just finished editing and publishing (via Crickhollow Books, as a Crispin imprint edition) the paperback and Kindle versions of Cook the Books, by Oklahoma mystery writer Marion Moore Hill. Marion is a member of Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, and Oklahoma Writers’ Federation, Inc. I didn’t meet her when I spoke a year ago at OWFI, but she somehow heard of Crickhollow and reached out to us about picking up her Scrappy Librarian Mystery series. So I’m publishing #3, Cook the Books, and will also re-release books #1 and #2 (Bookmarked for Murder and Death BooksRead More →

What am I working on? I’ve just finished editing and doing the page layout for Odin’s Promise, a middle-grade historical novel by Wisconsin author Sandy Brehl. Odin’s Promise is set in Norway in the early years of World War II, as neighbors in a small village in western Norway begin to organize their quiet resistance against the German occupying soldiers. Odin is young Mari’s elkhound. Mari is eleven as the story open, and the Germans have recently invaded the country under the pretense of having been invited in (by a puppet government), ostensibly to “protect” the citizens of Norway against imagined threats from the AlliedRead More →

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