Build Your Author Platform – Review of Recommended Book

Build Your Author Platform

Build Your Author Platform – Review of Recommended Book

Build Your Author Platform: The New Rules
by Carole Jelen and Michael McCallister
BenBella Books, 2014

As an indie publisher and an author myself of half a dozen books, I’ve acquired and used many books of advice on marketing books, creating publicity plans, building a social-media presence, and developing business plans and platforms to promote an author’s career and sell books.

Build Your Author Platform: The New Rules is one of the best resources in that field. If you want to develop a real-world marketing plan for your published work as an author, this book delivers a terrific bang for the buck. It covers a lot of ground in just the right level of detail, combining practical action steps with a common-sense overall strategy.

I’ve worked in the publishing industry for several decades, and found this book to be very well-organized and insightful. I found many specific actions to add to my extensive worklist of book-marketing tasks for the coming months.

This book is rich in strategy. Growing a platform is like any strategy; it combines immediate actions with a long-term sense of why investing time in a given area is worth doing and sustaining, potentially for years. Any author will find that Build Your Author Platform focuses his/her attention on a realistic set of best (most worthwhile) strategies around which to build ongoing promotional activities. No book on this topic will be perfectly comprehensive; what is needed is a right-sized map to inspire you to get going and keep at it.

Build Your Author Platform

The gist of the book is cited on the cover:

  • Methods used by publisher marketing departments
  • Success strategies of top-seller authors
  • Web 2.0 audience engagement tools
  • Complete author publicity plan

The chapters cover strategies and activities for building websites, purposeful blogging, working the social-media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), and other initiatives such as in-person appearances, writing articles based on your book, creating book trailers, getting the most out of working with Amazon, planning book launches, and inspiring engagement from readers and potential reviewers to amplify your message.

The front matter includes impressive blurbs of praise for this book from top-level professionals at Tarcher/Penguin, John Wiley & Sons, Cengage Learning, Penguin Group, Elsevier, and others. These are people who know what they are talking about.

Build Your Author Platform: The New Rules really is a complete package of sound advice.

Authors: buy it, read it, and use it.

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