Book Club Discussion Questions – A Great Example from a Mystery Writer

Book Club Discussion Questions – A Great Example from a Mystery Writer

I like to use this blog to share good examples of things that book authors (and/or their publishers) can do to market their books.

I recently ran across this online list of book-club discussion questions, a reader’s guide for a mystery book by Dee Garretson, author of The Gargoyle in the Seine.

What did I like about this particular list?

1. Posting the questions online, she also provided, at the beginning of the page, specifics on how to reach her if you are a member of a book club and wanted her to discuss her book with your group . . . in person or via speakerphone or Skype.

2. I really liked her two-part division of the discussion questions. First, she offers a set that can be used to discuss most mystery books. (E.g., “If a mystery is well-written the reader should suspect a number of characters throughout the story. Which characters did you think committed the crime? Did you guess the culprit before the end?”) After these, she lists specific questions for The Gargoyle in the Seine.

This offers a useful tool for book-club members . . . they might want to use to discuss other books. And it shows a command of the genre that makes me believe she wrote a good, well-structured book and can talk about it knowledgeably to a group of literary fans.

Dee Garretson has had several books for young readers (grades 4th–6th) published by HarperCollins. She decided to self-publish her adult mystery (despite some literary agent interest), and has done a good job of promoting the title with a well-constructed WordPress blog (using the clean lines of the “Twenty Ten” template.)



  1. Thanks for linking to my post. I’m always trying to find ways to connect with readers and other writers on the internet. Are you on Twitter? I’m there as @deegarretson. Your blog looks like a good resource.

    1. Author

      Thanks, Dee, for the comment and for the great post I was able to share with other writers.

      No, I’m not on Twitter. Thinking about it. . . .

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