Greetings! I’m Philip Martin, director of Great Lakes Literary.

I’m an award-winning book editor and indie publisher, and I also create and host websites for writers. I don’t charge a lot, especially when only a few tweaks are needed to make your book (or website) better.

On the other hand, I’m selective in the projects I take on.

Let’s talk about your project. Maybe you’d like me to help make it better.

You can reach me via the Contact Me page.

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  1. Gail Miles Konkel

    June 25, 2015 at 12:13 pm

    Hello Philip! We met at Sandy Brehl’s launch party, and we spoke as I stood in line waiting to have Sandy autograph books for me and John Stewig. So great to read today Sandy has won such a wonderful award!

    I am at the point in my book/brand project where I know I need help. I have taken the first book (in a potential series) to prototype stage as the layout includes a story about the project along with a materials kit to complete the project. I am not sure the prototype “works”, and cost to produce is high (at least in smaller quantities based on only one quote). I also need help editing and in design/formatting, so the content fits prototype specs and publishing formalities, though I am willing to revisit the prototype design itself.

    Anyway, I would appreciate meeting with you after the 4th of July holiday. Please suggest a couple scheduling options. Thank you! Gail Miles Konkel

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