Greetings! I’m Philip Martin, director of Great Lakes Literary.

I provide a range of services for book authors looking for a professional path forward – a stable bridge over the turbulence of today’s highly competitive, fast-changing publishing environment  – to allow them to write their best, get published, and find their audiences.

Are you one of those emerging authors?

I’m an award-winning book editor (see my Bio page for details), offering a full range of author services, including publishing advice and editorial critiques,  developmental editing, and book-doctor work. I also create and host websites for writers, along with other practical marketing services.

Why work with me?
“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. . . .” – Lao Tzu proverb
“. . . in the right direction.” – Philip Martin corollary

I’m an author-centric, experienced, hype-free, results-oriented book strategist. Let’s talk about your project. Maybe you’d like to hire me to make it better!

If you would like to explore ways I can help you, you can reach me via the Contact page. Tell me a little about your project, your goals, and what you might like help with. Or visit my Author Services page for an overview of my services to benefit your book and boost your career.

Take that next step . . . in the right direction.

[If you’d like to see a few work samples,  here are some book projects that I’ve developed as editor and/or publisher.]